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EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) signifies that the municipality must be committed to acting efficiently and to continuously improving its environmental performance providing proof of its compliance with the environmental regulation. Furthermore, it requires complete transparency, making its policies, goals and environmental improvement programs available to local citizens. The municipality increases its credibility by obtaining validation from an independent accredited verifier and by registering with the national competent body (EMAS-Ecolabel Committee).

The Municipality of Temù is undergoing the EMAS certification process, as laid out by municipal regulation 761/2001, which will lead to its adopting an environmental management system.

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Food and Wine

The typical dishes of Val Camonica are barley soup, venison ragout with polenta, lamb prosciutto and cured lamb salami and an extensive tradition of cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses; there are also dishes with “exotically Camuni names” such as ”casonsei“, “gnòch de la cùa” e ”calsù“ - these are the true repositories of flavors past.

Val Camonica has recently recovered its wine-making production, concentrated at the foot of the Concarena mountain. There are six wineries which produce bottles for sale, one of which is a wine cooperative with 18 producer-members. In just a few short years they have achieved great results: the Val Camonica white, red, Marzemino and Merlot have been given the classification of Indicazione Geografica Tipica and, in 2004, the Voluntary Consortium for the protection of IGT wines of Val Camonica was established.

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